Sunday, December 16, 2007

God is Good ......

The gospel is the glad and merry news that God is good, he loves you, and he will happily give up everything he has so he can have you. Contrary to popular belief, God is not mad at you. He is not even in a bad mood. The good news declares that God is happy, he is for you, and he wants to share his life with you forever.

Jesus is proof of this. The veracity of the gospel is evidenced in his death and resurrection. On the cross God showed that he loved us while we were sinners and that he would rather die than live with-out us. And through the resurrection he proved that nothing—not even death—can separate us from the love that is ours in Jesus Christ.

Through our representative Jesus our heavenly Father has joined himself to us, promising never to leave nor forsake us. We stand secure, not on our feeble promises to him, but on his unconditional and unbreakable promises to us.

And that’s it: God loves you and wants to be with you. It’s simple but it’s the biggest truth in the universe. We will spend eternity discovering in a billion different ways the limitless expressions of his unending love. Indeed, this is what we were made for—to receive and respond to his divine love. This is the fundamental law of our existence and the reason for our being. This is the best news you ever heard.
Tony Seigh

Posted 12/16/2012

HIS Love For Me......

REAL Forgiveness.....

MY of February 2012

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hurting People Hurt People

Posted Dec. 10, 2012

Hurting people hurt people. Because the majority of the church has been brought up on another gospel i.e. fear, hell, fire, brimstone,....force, manipulation, control,.....

For the most part WE ALL were born into the Kingdom with hell, fire, brimston
e, damnation,........Every seed produces after its own kind. This is a law, just like gravity, that God placed into flow and it is true here too. ALL they are focusing on is negative.

Every Seed Bears After Its Own Kind......

"If a negative feeling or a negative thought drives me to speak words or take actions this means that the outcome of those words and or actions will produce more of the negative feelings and or thoughts that started the whole process. I cannot be driven by negative feelings and ultimately have healthy positive outcomes. So many times I am moved by fear, desperation,...(a negative emotion) and I try to tell myself it is faith and in the end it all goes wrong and then I act like I don't understand why my faith failed. I have to notice what is driving me and if it is not harmonious with finished and completed work of Jesus Christ/REAL love I have to send it away and put on something else." ~ Dr. Jim Richards

If I am in negative emotional fear state (anger, bitterness, unforgivness, betrayal, self hatred, sorrow, sadness, insecurity, worthless, conflict, grief, self abuse, disdain, heartache, embarrassment, judgement, ......) when I am living, doing, teaching, sharing,..... then the results and the harvest is NOT going to be what I want. If I do something in a negative fear state then the harvest that I am going to get will NOT be what I want and that is where all the crazy negative nasty results come from. Because of what has been written on my heart/sub conscious....if the beliefs, feelings, emotions,...are out of a negative fear state I will produce a life of fear, chaos, hurt, discouragement,....

REAL love annihilates ALL fear. The REAL God is REAL love and perfect REAL love casts out ALL fear. When my foundation is built on REAL love and all my seed i.e. doctrine, teachings,....understanding, wisdom, knowledge,... emotions, feelings,..... comes out of REAL love then and only then will my house, life, health, wealth, relationships,.....stand and not be moved.