Thursday, March 10, 2005

HIS Love For Me......


HIS love for me is as a lover loves their love. HE knows the specks and colors in my eyes. HE knows how many hairs are on my head at any given time. He knows when every sparrow falls to the ground and dies. HE has created all the flowers of the fields, dressed them in all of their glory and splendor; yet they are here today and gone tomorrow. How much more does HE love and knows me. My name is written on the palm of HIS hand. Every tear that I have cried is in a bottle. Source's thoughts towards me are as the sand in the sea and ALL those thoughts are Pure Postive REAL Unconctdiatl Agape Love Energy.  HE knows all of my thoughts, feelings, emotions,…. and HE REAL love loves me; 24/7 ~ 7 days a week ~ 24 hours a day ~ every breath/moment… HE knows me, HE wants me, HE desires me, and all HE wants is a REAL relationship with me. HIS thoughts towards me are as the sand in the sea and all those thoughts are REAL love, positive, encouraging, edifying, caring, full of hope, dreams, gifts, answers, solutions, possibilities,……. It is as if God, Father, Source, ..... Jesus, the Holy Spirit are in a big important meeting surrounded by everybody and I come to the open door and ABBA Father/ Daddy God/ Jesus, Holy Spirit,......... stop what they were discussing, give all their attention to me, come to me, helping, encouraging, building me up, holding me,…. telling me who I am IN Christ, what I have IN Christ, what I can do IN Christ, …... This is the way the REAL God feels about me!!!!

True North!
1 Corinthians 13:1 Speaking in tongues is not the point; love is. It is neither angelic eloquence, nor the mastery of human language that persuades. It doesn’t matter how poetic, prophetic, or profound I may sound; my conversation is reduced to the hollow noise of clanging brass cymbals if love’s echo is absent. (The Greek word for the love of God is agape from the word, agoo, meaning to lead like a shepherd guides his sheep, and pao, meaning to rest, i.e. “he leads me beside still waters.” By the waters of reflection my soul remembers who I am. [Ps 23]. God’s rest is established upon his image and likeness redeemed in us. Thus, to encounter agape is to remember who I am. Jesus the Savior of humankind rescued God’s image and likeness in human form. The grace of God shines as bright as day making the salvation of humankind undeniably visible [Titus 2:11].)

13:2 I could predict the future in detail and have a word of knowledge for everyone. I could possess amazing faith, and prove it by moving mountains! It doesn’t make me any more important than anyone else. Love is who you are! You are not defined by your gift or deeds. (Love gives context to faith. Moving mountains is not the point, love is.)

13:3 Love is not about defending a point of view; even if I am prepared to give away everything I have and die a martyr’s death; love does not have to prove itself by acts of supreme devotion or self sacrifice!

13:4 Love is large in being passionate about life and relentlessly patient in bearing the offenses and injuries of others with kindness. Love is completely content and strives for nothing. Love has no desire to make others feel inferior and has no need to sing its own praises.

13:5 Love is predictable and does not behave out of character. Love is not ambitious. Love is not spiteful and gets no mileage out of another’s mistakes. (The word, paroxuno, translates as spiteful, it has no sharp edges.)

13:6 Love sees no joy in injustice. Love’s delight is in everything that truth celebrates.

13:7 Love is a fortress where everyone feels protected rather than exposed! Love’s persuasion is persistent! Love believes. Love never loses hope and always remains constant in contradiction.
Mirror Bible

REAL love: To value the object of your affection, to consider as precious and to hold in high regard.

Religion Sells.

But Love Gives Itself... Love Lavishly Wastes Itself...

Religion Manipulates.... Religion will Always Step on One's Dreams and Hope for its Own......

But Love Will Always Cry for One's Freedom... Love Will Lay Down its life for One Another's Dreams.

Religion Kills... Religion offers nothing but empty promises filled with deceit, vanity, and endless disappointments. ALL Religion is fear and produces nothing but fear.

Love Kills... Love Kills Every Promises by Saying 'Yes' Today... Love leaves no room for disappointments... Love Settles for Nothing Less than Overflowing Satisfaction.

You Are No Longer Slaves to Religion but Kings of Love.
And You are called to Squander Yourselves to the World desperate for Love. ~ Jung Hwan Kim

REAL Love IS Value....

Heidi Baker - Love Them to Life Conference 2012 - Saturday Night 

My ideas of God are not divine, but His ideas of me are.

YOUR thoughts, feeling, emotions,......

REAL love ......

The REAL Story...

Dignity and Worth

Part 3 REAL love MYSELF.....Pastor Allen Speegle

This is the way the REAL God of REAL love feels about me NOT the religious one that all the mean hurting people have presented.

A preacher from long ago named Jonathan Edwards preached a sermon titled "Sinners In The Hands of An Angry God". We've discovered over the years that isn't God who is angry but rather believers and they make people think He is. God's anger was taken out on Jesus on our behalf!!!!!
~ Pastor Allen Speegle

Gandhi who was primarily a Buddhist said; “If Christians would really live according to the teachings of Christ, as found in the Bible, all of India would be Christian today.” And he said - "I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians because they are so unlike your Christ". In John 3:17 Jesus said I didn't come to condemn, judge, reject or pass sentence on the world but to save it. If Jesus didn't judge and he was perfect how can we?  ~ Pastor Allen Speegle

There's NO amount of angry preaching that will cause people to change. The goal of the church IS NOT to get people to "do right" but to ground them in the fact that they're "loved by God". ~ Pastor Allen SpeegleGod is love.

The heart of the Gospel is love. Love is a product of the spiritual health of our heart. Loving one another is the evidence that we are experiencing God. There is no greater way to gauge and evaluate the condition of our heart than our ability to give and receive love. Love is manifest through our willingness and capacity to develop ourselves for meaningful relationships. All of life’s boundaries are a product of the beliefs of our heart. Therefore, the more I give myself to the love of God and the love of people, the more I harmonize myself with the nature of God. The more I harmonize with the nature of God the more I can function in my God-like nature, which means the more I move past the boundaries to a wonderful life! ~ Dr. Jim Richards

Posted February 26, 2012