Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear ............


Written and posted October of 2013

I am drefragging, if this helps ....great!!!!!

Dear ............

If you think that I think that your view and opinion of me matters after you have dishonored yourself, disrespected your life, treated the precious gift of your being, piece of toilet paper with shit on it then you do not know me. ...

The disdain you have for yourself is deplorable. The blatant disregard that YOU have for your life is so disheartening, shameful, disrespectful,…… it hurts me to the depths of my soul.

When you REAL love love someone and watch them harm themselves, allow others to treat them like a piece of shit, neglect their health, being, life,…it hurts like hell.

YOUR actions, YOUR attitude, YOUR choices,….tell me what YOU believe about YOU and thus about others around YOU. I know now that I cannot force, control, manipulate,….anyone in a negative way and or in a positive way to make changes, REAL love love themselves, find REAL love, life, health, honor, dignity, worth,….It is a FREE will choice of ALL of humanity and YOURS.

My heart, soul, being,…goes out to you. My prayers, desires, hope,….is that one day, one moment,…YOU will wake up out of YOUR matrix, coma, stupor, …. and realize how precious YOU are. That YOU will no longer be the zombie addicted to substances and value the REAL life that the REAL God of REAL love has given YOU. My hope for YOU is that you will open up your hard, twisted, hurting ,….. “I am right”, victim heart and be the teachable, bendable, pliable, open, willing, REAL love loving human being that REAL love has created you to be.

YOU are the one that allows others to define YOUR worth. YOU are the one that believes that everyone else is your problem. YOU are the one that thinks everything will be o.k. when you run away to a deserted beach, island, another place…..and that is your only hope.

Other people have no power over me unless I give it to them. NO one has power over me and or my actions unless I give it to them and do not take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. No one can dis-empower me but ME.

I will guard my heart with all diligence for out of it flows my precious life, my other relationships of honor, dignity, worth, my health, being.

~REAL Love~

Bad Choices Cause Brain Damage and DEATH found out today 

I Found Out .......

John Nicholas chose to step over into the next dimension some time in March of 2014.  He is within God, Source, Heaven, REAL Unconditional Agape Love. He chose to commit suicide faster than most.

Everybody commits suicide.....some faster than others.... the more one's heart/sub conscious is hurt, full of fear fear fear fear .....stress, negative emotional states,.... sugar, garbage NOT food, fast food fast death, no personal boundaries, alcohol, drugs (legal and or illegal), guilt, shame, bitterness, pain...inflammation, pain, sickness, .....dis-ease,...death....suicide....the body and the mind can only take so much. So whether one is Robin Williams or John Nicholas whom drunk himself to suicide because he chose to believe lies, live in chaos, dis honor, dis respect, ........ or anybody else that allows others opinions of them to affect hearts to the degree that they no longer want to live and thus manifest some dis-ease, hang themselves, ....or whatever their heart/sub conscious chooses to create to remove themselves from this dimension. 

ALL negative emotional states are just different degrees, forms, fashions, depths, .......of fear.  The more fear one is in the more "crazy" the act. The only Energy that annihilates fear is REAL Agape Unconditional Love. The REAL God, Source, Energy, Very Beath aLl huamity Breathes , GOD. The REAL God is REAL Love, as a REAL lover loves their love, who is  only experienced, privately, intimately, daily, breath to breath, moment to moment,.....with GOD individually!!!! 
Wake UP!!!!