Thursday, March 10, 2005

REAL Forgiveness..... UN Offend able ~ REAL Freedom ~ Orgasmic Autonomy


I forgive you but because of your past actions I do NOT trust you. Trust is earned NEVER given.

Judging is when I think I know why someone did something without communicating with them personally.

After 5o  years and some codependent enabling relationships for 47 of those years I had to learn BOUNDARIES, REAL forgiveness, BEing and learning to experience UN offendable, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, REAL love....there are some that even though I do everything I can to work things out they refuse the way of peace, REAL love, and choose to continue in their mess, dysfunction, mean, nasty, hateful ,ugly,....strife, gossip,....dishonor, disrespect,.... For those types I try to communicate with them and set boundaries however if they continue to dishonor themselves/me/others..... then I REAL love love 'em, forgive 'em, bless 'em, pray 'em but I do it from a loooooooooong way off. Proverbs tells me to "Guard my heart with ALL diligence for out of it flows my life, health, emotions, wealth, .....other relationships.

The God of Peace, Source, the Essence of ALL that humanity IS, Pure Positive Unconditional Agape REAL Love Energy,.......... designed my body to live in peace and when I don't the consequences could cost me my life, health, wealth,....other relationships. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, God is the God of Peace, the REAL Gospel message is the Gospel of Peace and I am to be sharing the too good to be true REAL news of Peace to the world because of the finished and completed work of Jesus Christ :)

Suppressed thoughts with their embedded emotions will explode. Our brains are designed to acknowledge, repent and forgive. ~
Dr. Caroline Leaf

"Repent means to change your mind"

Forgiveness means to send away the offense. It has nothing to do with the other person, them forgiving/ doing/ receiving it or not, ..... it is ALL about me and my heart and my actions. I send it away because it could cost me my life, health/ dis-ease, wealth,..other relationships.

Yes, I forgive YOU but you have lied, cheated, talked nasty about me, run me down, find fault with me,..

Forgiving you gives me PEACE
Giving yourself peace is your job NOT mine.
Forgiving you does NOT mean I TRUST YOU
Forgiving you does NOT mean I want you in my life!

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” ~ R. Muller
I cannot forgive ya because I do not condemn you. 

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” ~ Lewis B. Smedes

“When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive” ~ Alan Paton

 I can move past what others have done to me. But I can never move past my unforgiveness ~ Dr Jim Richards

"The only #person I can control is ME #Me me me me me me..... Myself, I. Mine. MY..... #emotional FEELings.
I cannot forgive ya because I do not condemn you
I do NOT have to forgive because I have not condemned. It is only when I am condemning that I need to #forgive#apologize,..... Nobody else is my problem, answer, source,.....The more I take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for everything I#emotionally FEEL the Freer I AM. The #Happier I AM. The more UNoffendable I AM " ~ LeRae Ann Mauro 

"If I am not #offended nothing needs mended..." ~ David Kracht 

#Learning to be UN #offend able has been the most #freeing#liberating, amazing ,...adventure in my 50 years. What others do, say, believe, #feel,.....has nothing to do with me but what "they" emotionally FEEL, believe, think,....about themselves. 

Love the Mirror.
I cannot forgive ya because I do not condemn you
REAL #Freedom happens when one emotionally experiences, FEELS,....... REAL #Unconditional REAL #Love#Agape,...... for themselves first. ME #Me me me me me me me .......first.

Mo better......when we stop requiring one. ~ Gregg Wilson

I cannot forgive ya because I do not condemn you

Do you realize that every time you get offended, it reveals a false belief you have about your identity. Knowing this, means you now get to thank everyone who offends you for being used to bring something out into the open that you were previously unaware of...and now that it's out in the open, it can be dealt with. Ben Hutchins ~

Hurting People Hurt People heart emoticon

When I find my dignity, honor, worth, value, integrity ... my BEing in who I am in and to the REAL God of REAL love and HIM alone I do not need other people to apologize to me. I can just let others BE and grow and believe what they want to believe, build RELATIONSHIP with them, love, laugh, giggle, give, bless, help, encourage,.... When I get offended, my diapers in a wad, upset, anyone I am making them my god and I will always come up short and be offended hurt, ..... and looking for love in ALL the wrong places.

I cannot forgive ya because I do not condemn you

I was molested for years by two men in my family. They were hurting full of fear, fear mongering human beings. No apology needed because they were and are not my problem, answers, solution, excuses,.....


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