Friday, November 20, 2009

10,000 iu Mixing Instructions


REAL Love,

If you want 125 IU daily using 10,000 iu of HCG
for 2 (two) people:

Mix 1 (one) box of HCG at a time this will keep the potency at it's highest and best results for you. If you are in the same household and doing the protocol together everyone pull out of the same bottle.

~ Throw the gold color/or clear liquid away
~ Remove the green top off of the bottle or if it is an all glass vial with yellow stripe quickly snap the little glass vial with the HCG powder
~ When drawing bacteriostatic water make sure you add air to the bottle first or it will be very difficult to pull out.
~ Use the side of the syringe that is marked ½, 1, 1 ½, 2, 2 ½. 3 ml/cc
~ Draw 1cc of bacteriostatic water with your 18g /3ml/cc syringe
~ Gently add it to the vial of HCG powered and swirl it just a little to make sure it mixes. If it bubbles you will have to wait for them to dissolve to get all HCG. (Don’t shake!)
~ Draw the HCG out of the ampoule and add it to your empty 30 ml Amber Sealed Sterile bottle. (When adding water to the HCG or to the sealed amber bottle make sure you gently add it to the side of the bottle so it flows or the product will foam. Also make sure you don’t touch the outside of any of the bottles with the needle for sterile reasons.)
~ Do not put the BIG needle in the same hole over and over again it will leak out.
~Use 6 spoons/pens ….or have someone count with you because you will get to 3 and something will happen and you will forget how many you put in.
~ Withdraw 19cc of bacteriostatic water, 6x3=18 plus 1 more makes 19, into the syringe and add to the 30ml Amber bottle with the 1 cc/HCG you will then have 20ml of HCG/bacteriostatic water. You will have 10 ml of bacteriostatic water left in your plastic bottle.
~ You will inject 1/4 cc or 25 units daily which will be 125 IU/day.
~ This will result in approximately 32-40 injections for 2 people. Depending on your mixing and pulling.
~ Refrigerate after mixing