Thursday, November 19, 2009

Check List For Liver Health and Weight Loss

1. Digestion: If you are having any problems with gas, indigestion, bloating, or food allergies, etc. Your digestion is not working at it's best, and the end result will tax the liver function. Start taking Food Enzymes or Proactazyme Plus with meals, consider the blood type diet for a period of time and clean up your diet.
I highly recommend the Eat Clean Diet revised version by Tosca Reno as a guide on how to eat healthy.

2. Strengthen your liver function - I like to alternate between the Chinese Blood Build and the Chinese Liver Cleanse with the addition of a couple of Milk
daily. You will probably need this for several months.

3. Recognize and reduce your stress - sounds like good advice, but for liver health you simply need to do this. High stress suppresses liver function. If you can't change your life find ways to rest, renew and unwind several times a day. See handout called Who Switched Off My Brain

4. Search your emotions - anger, resentment and unforgiveness land in your liver energetically. If you hold these emotions in your body, you will lock up the chi (energy) flow through the liver. See handout called Who Switched Off My Brain

5. Watch the sugars - this goes in part with "clean up the diet". Simple sugars and carbs overload the liver. Use Sugar Reg and Magnesium to help bring this area into balance if it is a problem for you.

6. Watch out for toxins - are you exposed to toxins on a regular basis in your work place or home?

New carpet, new houses, they all outgas chemicals. Use air purifiers to clean the air and remove chemicals (the boomerang from NSP). Use natural cleaners in your home. If you work were there is constant chemicals in the air (like a hair salon) and you can't change jobs, then add extra protection. See if you can bring an air purifier to work. Take Enviro-Detox and an antioxidant formula like Super Antioxidant or Thai-Go before work.

7. Make sure the plumbing is working - If you are constipated things back up into the liver. A sluggish liver adds to constipation as well. Add a mild laxative formula like just a couple LBSII and a fiber drink every day. Drink enough pure clean water. Magnesium 500 mg. per day also helps.

8. Don't skip meals - the Eat Clean Diet will help guide you on this

9. Get enough Good Fats in the diet (again the Eat Clean diet promotes this), cut back on carbs the first 2 week, it gives the liver a rest. A carb serving should be about the size of your closed fist.

10. Eliminate or cut back on caffeine - If you overdo it you know it. The liver has to break the caffeine down which puts more strain on the liver. 

11. Exercise Daily, get 7 1/2 hours of sleep.

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