Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who Switched Off My Brain ~ Emotions ~ STRESS and Health



Health and The Emotions

Quantum: It has something to do with the splitting of the atom that causes the atomic bomb.

11 years ago my husband of 20 years and father of  our 3 autonomous daughters manifested cancer in his body went home to be with Papa, Daddy, Abba,....Source and left me penniless and 3 pre teens. I had a choice continue to be the nasty, hateful, fault finding, full of fear and negative emotional states.....religious, legalistic, holier than thou, in 3x a week, $1000.oo of dollars in tithes, offerings, books, cd's, and extra meetings during the weeks... guilt ridden, accusing, fear..... self righteous bitch OR change.

MY Story............

I chose to change. I have so changed in the past 11 years that close family members (at times my 3 darling daughters) have accused me of being too positive, too hopeful, too encouraging ....deceived, insane, "wrong" .......  I have told them all, " There is the door; don't let it hit you in the butt when you leave."

I have friends calling and asking, “Why am I gaining this weight? Why are my nutritional programs not working?? Why do the things I do for my health seem not to last??? Why am I getting sicker, fatter,......poorer???

If you are not available to change internally and emotionally you will gain it all back plus some, get sicker, fatter and.......suicide. If you are under a lot of stress/fear/holding onto negative emotional issues i.e. anger, unforgiveness, bitterness, hopeless, worry, hate, poor self esteem, no dignity, no worth..... gaining the weight back, weakened immune system,...... is guaranteed. Those who choose to flow in negative energy will have a lowered immune system, challenged brain function, low memory, gain your weight back and eventually get sicker, poorer, fatter,......dis- ease ...suicide.

I have been in holistic well being natural health for almost 25 years and those who did everything "healthy" i.e. herbs, supplements, organic this and that, purified water, purified air, ..... but did/do not deal with their internal energy flow/negative emotional states are no longer with us. Their programs do not work at all, long term, or they are just getting sicker, fatter,...... by the moment even though they are "doing healthy". 11 years ago I had an epiphany and went 180 degrees in the opposite direction and these past years have been increasingly more incredible, awesome, fun, exciting....... physically, abundance, REAL relationships , mentally....spirit, heart, sub consciousness, soul, body.

Yes, I do have shit hit the fan every day but I know there are answers, solutions, possibilities, opportunities,......There is a way over, under, through,.......I have had close family members tell me I AM TOO POSITIVE, TOO OPTIMISTIC, TOO HOPEFUL........TOO REAL...... My answer to them has been and will be, "Okay you live over there and I am going to live over here because the next 50 plus years of my life are NOT going to be what this first 40 years have been."

Those that "get it" and change the energy they are flowing in are seeing all of their nutritional, weight loss program or any other, health and maintenance programs work so much better, quicker, and long term.

MY thoughts, feelings, emotions,.....

REAL Forgiveness and BEing UN offendable ............

The science, quantum physics, quantum mechanics, REAL medical science and research, across the globe is in we have made ourselves fat an It is NOT God, the devil, spouse, government, jobs, Hollywood, music, kids, in-laws, out-laws, germs, is ME. I am the one in control of my life, health, future,....When I point the finger at someone or something else I have 3 pointing back at me.

Love ya!

When you are flowing in REAL love based emotions you are releasing chemicals and hormones that increase your immune system, increase your memory, keep the fat off, protect the cells and DNA. When we love ourselves, honor ourselves, and respect ourselves every cell we have believes the same. When you are in fear based energy, negative emotions long term you are producing chemicals and hormones in your body that do just the opposite.

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