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LeRae McBroom

I have had the honor and privilege of helping others with their health for almost 20+ years. There are all kinds of answers, solutions, possibilities and opportunities for your body to heal itself. We just need the right energy, nutrition, care, attention …… I love helping others learn how easy it is to take care of themselves. I am here to educate, direct, and teach.


Group Coaching/Teaching $100/hour
Individual Coaching/Teaching $35/ 30 minutes

$45 Private Educational Health Consultation
, includes Essences and EFT, Compass scan and Muscle Testing/Applied Kinesiology is the practice of applying a consistent force to a muscle in the body, in the presence of a defined stimulus, and observing the response of the muscle to the stimulus. Muscle testing has become well known as a tool of Applied Kinesiology, where it was pioneered by Dr. John Goodheart in the 1960s. Goodheart discovered that muscles instantly became weak when the body was exposed to a harmful stimulus, and strong in the presence of a therapeutic substance. In the 1970s, Dr. John Diamond further discovered that these weakening or strengthening effects were likewise achieved by emotional and intellectual stimuli, as well as physical.

Diamond, John, M.D., Your Body Doesn’t Lie (Illustrated book on techniques of muscle testing)

Hawkins, David, M.D., Power vs. Force (Discussion of philosophical issues arising from muscle testing and this technique’s transformative potential for society)

Levy, Susan, D.C., Your Body Can Talk (Illustrated book on techniques of muscle testing)

Thie, John, D.C., Touch for Health (Illustrated book on techniques of muscle testing)

You Tube Kinesiology/Muscle Testing Explained

How do the Essences work? $25
The Bach Flower Essences and Canadian Tree Essence are a safe and natural method of healing. They gently restore the balance between mind and body by casting out negative emotions, such as, fear, worry, hatred and indecision which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole. The Bach Flower and Canadian Tree Essences allow peace and happiness to return to the sufferer so that the body is free to heal itself.

Canadian Tree Essence
Bach Flower Remedies
Natrure's Sunshine Flower Essence Blends

What is EFT? $25
EFT is based on a new discovery regarding the body's subtle energies. Simply stated, it is an emotional version of acupuncture, except needles aren't necessary. Instead, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. The process is easy to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere. It launches off the EFT Discovery Statement which says..."The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."

And because our physical pains and diseases often appear to be connected with our emotions the following statement has also shown merit...Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases."

Now Available!!!
Compass powered by ZYTO

ZYTO develops cutting edge technology that uses principles from Information Theory and Quantum Physics. This is such new technology so I want to take a few minutes to give you an overview of how the equipment works.

Most of your daily activity is managed by an exchange of information that happens at a level below conscious awareness. Every second there are an estimated 100 million impulses of information processed by your body that you are not aware of. The 70 trillion cells that make up your body are built for communicating this information. The outer cell wall is comprised of two layers of fat, called the bi-lipid layer. These molecules are organized in a crystalline pattern that facilitates communication. As the cells compress and expand, their structure generates the energy needed to pass information along, allowing your entire body to function in a coordinated and healthy way.

Using the hand cradle, the ZYTO Compass system eavesdrops on this energetic cellular communication. We do this by monitoring the electrical changes in Galvanic Skin Response or GSR , the same technology used for over a century in equipment such as the polygraph test. Much like the polygraph, ZYTO's technology sends stimuli to the body and measures the response. We do this by converting computer data representative of Nature's Sunshine nutritional supplements, into what are called virtual stressors. We then output these to the body and measure and rank the results from GSR . Using proprietary algorithms within ZYTO’s Decision Support Technology software we are able to determine the body’s degree of positive or negative response to the items being assessed. This information is extremely valuable, for example, in letting you know how your body is prioritizing different nutritional supplements. ZYTO's technology revolutionizes the way we make decisions by allowing us to communicate with and extract information from our bodies thus taking the guess work out of which supplements we need to bring our body back into balance.

7 Questions People Commonly Ask About ZYTO's Technology

How does the technology work?

In the most basic terms, ZYTO's technology uses quantum physics as well as established Galvanic Skin Response ( GSR ) technology to measure fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin. A client places their hand on the hand cradle, the ZYTO software sends stimuli to the body using digital signatures that represent actual things, and the fluctuations in GSR are measured and interpreted. The response helps the practitioner to see how the body responds to the items being assessed, which ones it prefers, and how much it prefers them. This knowledge is used by healthcare practitioners to maximize their results by helping them choose the right solution for their clients at the right time.

Are the results accurate?

Yes. ZYTO practitioners have performed tens of thousands of assessments worldwide. Practitioners have also used other modalities to evaluate the results of their ZYTO software with great results. Recently, a hospital study was conducted that showed a 95.2% correlation between the results of ZYTO’s technology and the recommendations of the doctor.

How can I experience this amazing technology?

Contact Me . . to schedule an assessment.

Are the results reproducible?

One of the most common questions that arises as people are getting to know the technology and how it works, is why the actual data from the scans changes from one assessment to another. As a matter of fact, because of what we are measuring, we don’t expect reproducibility. ZYTO's technology measures the most rapidly changing field in the body, the energetic field, which processes 400 million impulses of information per second. When dealing with complex mind-matter systems repeatable measurements are not expected. Instead you look for patterns and trends.

Are there any research studies on the technology?

There are myriad of studies that have been conducted over the last century on GSR and its use in measuring the body’s reaction to stimuli. In addition, several independent studies have been conducted by health professionals using ZYTO’s technology.

Can the technology be used to treat or diagnose?

ZYTO's technology is not designed to treat or diagnose. It is a tool designed to assist the healthcare practitioner in finding the body’s preferences for any list of items. This information is invaluable in helping the practitioner determine which product is going to maximize therapeutic results for the client.

Do you have FDA approval?

ZYTO’s technology does not qualify as a medical device and therefore does not require FDA Approval. We are always reviewing the changes in the industries and the laws of the countries we operate in to remain in compliance.