Friday, November 20, 2009

Sublingual Instructions

REAL Love,

For 5,000 IU ampoules:
You will need 6 - 5000 iu amps to dose 40 days  OR 4 - 5000 iu amps to do 30 days

13 ml of a sublingual liquid B12 complex I have this at my office for $12.00
2 ml of alcohol (I used 80 proof gin—DO NOT USE RUBBING ALCOHOL!)
1~5000 IU of hcg reconstituted (I used some of the alcohol to
reconstitute the hcg)
1 Dropper for dosing .5ml x a day
1 Mixing syringe after you mix your HCG sub lingual unscrew needle and throw away and use the syringe to dose with.
1 amber bottle

The above gives you 333 IU per day (plenty and equivalent to what the Realeana users take) if you take a .5 ml dose once in the morning and
once in the evening (a total of 1 ml per day). The mixture is
enough for 15 days. Keep it in the refrigerator.

Some might think it strange that I used alcohol, but it's commonly
used when making a tincture in herbology. The desirable qualities of
some herbs can only be extracted by using alcohol. Also, I believe
the alcohol will have a preservative effect, too. The
small amount of alcohol acts to improve absorbability and doesn't
have any effect on your system at that small of a dosage. The B12
mix just helps augment your supplements intake level.

(You can use any little bottle, but an amber glass bottle is
recommended in the making of tinctures, too, as exposure to
sunlight, etc., can be damaging to the efficacy of formulations. The
dark color of the bottle acts to protect the ingredients inside.)

You open the bottle, dip the syringe in, pull up to the .5 ml line, and squirt under the tongue. Hold there as long as you can and then, okay to
swallow. That's your dose, twice a day. I space my dosing approx.
12 hours apart (i.e., 7:30 a.m. when I get up and 7:30 p.m. for the
2nd dose).

I mixed the hcg inside its ampoule by using a hypodermic needle I
have to squirt the alcohol into the ampoule. I then used the hypodermic
needle to extract the reconstituted hcg from the ampoule and then to
inject it into the 1 ml bottle of the mix. I'm sure you lose a
little of the hcg just because of some clinging to the hypo, etc.,
but I would still estimate the IUs are pretty accurate, all things considered.

I believe, too, that, because you're taking it sublingually, you
don't need to be as sterile as with an injection, so, this could be
easier for a lot of people who might want to try this method. This
is not to be taken that you can be sloppy while doing this--you
should always have as clean a mixing situation as you can and use
precautions to prevent contamination.

One other note: I believe you could probably do the above with just
distilled water, alcohol, and hcg, too, but I haven't tried that.
Besides, the B12 complex is good for you!