Saturday, November 21, 2009

Check List for Success


~You should see some weight or inch loss daily.

~Are you ready to change your emotions? Are you ready to change your thinking?

~Read, Dr. Simeon's/Pounds and Inches, then read it again.

~Steak days can be done while injecting and to maintain weight after HCG Protocol. While injecting 200 grms/7 oz when NOT injecting 400 grms/14 oz. grass fed beef or buffalo meat ~ eat nothing all day ~ Drink water ~ 5/6pm meat and largest apple ~ next morning weight gained plus some GONE! This is to be done if you gain 2 or more pounds when injecting and maintaining within 24 hours of gain.

~Apple day is when you are holding on to water and have not lost anything for 3-4 days during injections eat only 6 of the biggest apples you can find from noon 1st day to noon 2nd ~ Try not to drink anything ~ apples will hydrate you . You are trying to get rid of the water. Resume lunch and dinner next day.

~You must drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water daily. ~ REAL H2O

~You will be urinating like crazy. Call me if not.

~Bowels must move 2 x a day while on protocol. Contact me if not. There is only 2 ways the toxins/fat leaves the body via the urination and the bowels moving . God designed our bodies to eliminate after every time we eat. A baby is nursed and 20-30 minutes later the diaper is dirty. We were designed to function like this but because of the middle of the grocery store and our negative emotional flow, stress, UNresolved negative garbage,..... (see Who Switched Off My Brain handout) we are not eliminating like we should. Keep your bowels moving or your weight loss will stall, headaches occur, energy is lost ........

Keep the House Clean

Don't Let Your System Back Up

I have worked with people who have been told by 1,2,3 and one women had been to 4 medical doctors that told them it was okay for their bowels to move once every 2 weeks. It only takes 8 years of medical school to take all common sense out of your brain.

~You should not be hungry at all. Eat same time every day. Spread food out throughout day.

~Oolong Tea, Wu Long tea(a green tea), Green Tea for hunger cravings from health food store

~Some have found doing an herbal cell/body/colon cleanse after an HCG round helps maintain weight. Call me I have 4-5 all at wholesale prices.

·         Start HCG 10 drops-3 x a day (30)  ~ OR 4 pellets-3x a day. 5-10 minutes under tongue ~ Eat normal for 2 days ~  Start the 500 calorie protocol on the 3rd day. Either 20 minutes before or after you eat. No food or liquids. Same time everyday. Set alarm on phone to remind you. 

      23 min.- 40 max

·         Do NOT get the HCG Drops/pellets by a microwave.

·          If you are hungry start cutting your drops back to 9, 8, 7, 6 drops a day or    3 pellets -3x a day If you are having headaches cut back 

~First 10-14 days tired, weak, worn out…call me.

~Injections Only: After you inject  HCG 12 consecutive days on the 13th day do not inject but stay on the 500 calorie protocol. So if day 13th day is a Monday then every Monday after that skip injecting.

~Cut exercise in ½. This is NOT about burning calories.

~Dry skin ~ use 98% aloe vera gel health food store

·         Dry skin ~ 98% Aloe Vera Gel, oil Free Lotion, Deodorants,…Whether u replace personal care or not is up to u. If some of your products contain fat/oil/sugars, u  may want to make some changes. Many have switched products while on the protocol. Items to consider replacing include: lotions and skin care, hair care, dental products…..Mineral Makeup/No lotion, oils, fats

~Mineral Makeup is the only kind of makeup allowed. No lotions or oils on your skin. Your body will grab that fat/oil first and burn it for fat first before your own bad fat because it is easier. Use gloves when applying shampoos and conditioners. Do not let them fall on your body.

~If you are having any challenges call someone.

~DO NOT STOP medications without consulting your physician.

~Be aware of ….
~ headaches
~ constipation
~ low blood sugar
~ possible hair loss
~ menstrual changes
All of this is nutritional and can be taken care of nutritionally. There are herbals for that call me.

~Are you getting enough calories? 500 calories daily ~ FREE site

~Purchase a digital postal scale from WalMar/ Staples ...wherever

~Weigh all meat fresh 100 grams/3.5oz.Cut all visible fat off. Freeze individual bags for the whole 6 weeks.

~Bathroom scale should be digital

~Weigh only in mornings. Get up, go to bathroom and put scale on hard floor this is your true weight. If you are on the scale more than once a day you are in fear and will gain all the weight back. See my handout on Who Switched Off My Brain

~Measure every inch of body. You could lose inches instead of pounds. Write it down.

~Take pictures from all sides. This will help if you run into a glitch and you can remember where you came from.

~You must wait
6 weeks in between rounds 1 and 2
8 weeks in between rounds 2 and 3
10 weeks in between rounds 3 and 4

So that you will not build up and immunity to the HCG and it no longer work for you.

Your body needs the good fats and increased protein to remain healthy. Honor your body and you will live a long time on this earth.

Ignore your health and it will go away!

~Plan to be successful!!


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